This work is made of Akoya pearl, freshwater pearl and 925 silver.It's a romantic imagination about the princess under the sea, and also my feelings of the ocean in Ise Shima.

  Umi chen, with love in pearls, base on Taipei of Taiwan, come to Japan for traveling. And finally she found Mieken, even living here almost one year. she said: "I like pearls and love to collect them in trips to keep memories ."She also like to mix several kinds of pearls which collected from Japan and Taiwan to make metalworks.

  As this work, She use un-symmetry ways to arrange the middle and small size of pearls to be left and right on the necklace, it will make all of them more interesting and energetic.  

  Then about what on the necklace:

Silver Starfish,Starfish with an empty curve-shape of shell which is around her.

White pearls,

The reflections to each other is like a snow angel in winter, or the moonlight of a midnight.

  I hope that people when they wear the necklace will think of the old story about the mermaid. To feel love, sacrifice and happiness.


925Silver |  Akoya pearls | Freshwater pearls | 2019


受邀參加的珍珠主題首飾展。  與來自十個國家五十多位創作人以珍珠首飾呈現各自於四季更迭中的感受。







2019 Mieken,Japan
2019 Mieken,Japan
2019 Mieken,Japan



2020The Grand prix of Akoya Pearl Jewllery ,Mieken,Japan


2019The Grand prix of Akoya Pearl Jewllery ,Mieken,Japan


2019 HandMade in Japan Fes 2019,Tokyo,Japan