Elegant love.Handcuffs

925/999 silver |  metalwork | 2016

  Elegant bracelet, also elegant Handcuffs, wearing normal in white day, but with another meanings in midnight. It looks simple, but with meaning of handcuff tools, when the girl use or wear it, it also show the emotions that can‘t be easily told.Through the actions of body: put hands together with two bracelets and connect with a ring. Let us started a play softly, a surprise just begin.Meaning and memories always come inside your mind like accident, and people use different ways to record their memories. Now we records in our ways: through tattoos patterns, or with any material to depict souvenir. No matter the patterns can be seen, can't be seen, hide in t-shirts, hide in a simple shape, or a sculpture- they always your own memories.

  Part of the photos we took from red background. Red color is more easier to show the moves and passions in that moment betweens lovers, of course the naked body is also a direct way and immediately body language.we took photos only from the back of the girl's body, that is also some kind of asia conservatism, but still pretty,elegant .When the passions is gone, seems nothing exist, there always something come with you, to another wonderland.and don't believe what you see easily, listening to the heartbeat deep in your body.That's the story of the silver handcuff.



優雅的手銬 平常的時候配戴,就像一般的手環一樣在白天簡單而優雅的戴著,但因為它具有手銬的意義,在配戴時也呈現了女性較為隱晦難以表達的另一種心情,被束縛的狀態、喜歡被束縛的狀態、感情中較為被動的狀態 。


Publish on magazine in Taiwan, 職人誌


2019 HandMade in Japan Fes 2019,Tokyo,Japan


2019The Grandprix of Akoya Pearl Jewllery ,Mieken,Japan


2020The Grandprix of Akoya Pearl Jewllery ,Mieken,Japan